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Dependent's disability benefits

Protect your family with the financial and emotional support that they need, to grow in a healthy way. If you're unable to work, there are government funds available for your dependents. Let our knowledge of the legal system work to help guide you through the process and paperwork for dependents disability benefits.

There are ways to receive maximum benefits for your entire family, and we'll help you pursue them all, with absolutely no fees unless you receive your claim. If you are found eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, you may also receive funds for your dependent children, step-children, and grandchildren in some cases.

Who are your dependents?

We've spent 35 years dedicating our careers and our lives to helping people in the Fairfield, CA community with the disability benefit claims process. You can rely on us for step-by-step assistance and a personal approach to assist you in making informed decisions.

Federal disability law specialists

Experience the convenience of our two locations and bilingual staff to get the benefits you deserve for your children.

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