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Social Security Disability Insurance

If you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance, we can help ensure the success of your claim. Let our professionals properly file and support the legal, financial, and medical requirements that are necessary, for your complete convenience and peace of mind.

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We will designate a legal assistant just for you, so you know that a reliable professional is always up to date on your paperwork and case status. Richard A. Whitaker will review each detail of your case himself. We design our services with your specific needs in mind.

Our legal assistants

After working for over 40 years within the legal system, we're familiar with every aspect of the process. We understand how it works and how you fit into it in order to bring you the critical results you need in a timely and smooth manner that you can trust.

Our high success rate

You will not be charged a fee unless your benefit claim is approved, which is in the majority of cases we accept.

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